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Home Share Information and Downloadable Form

Relief Workers email now for lists of available homes- updated daily or Sign IN to view and print home share lists. Need to register with MFN, click here.

Welcome to the MFN's and Operation Katrina Housing'sResource Center for military families and veterans affected by Hurricane Katrina. We are working together to provide news, information and access to the Military Home Share Program and Operation Katrina Housing Hurricane Resource Programs. Organizations or individuals wishing to participate in Military Home Share or Operation Katrina Housing Provision programs should click on the links below to fill out the online registration forms.

Our mission here is to help serve, support and protect the military families in our nation who have sacrificed so much. Thank you for opening your hearts and your homes.

No one has called? Be patient! Thanks to your generous offer and the offers of many of your fellow Americans, we have a database of homes to offer shelter and open arms to displaced military families and veterans. We are now moving agressively to make sure our community partners and military families know about you.

Because of the conditions on the ground in the Gulf Coast and in the cities military families are being taken to, finding semi-permanent housing may not be the first thing on people's minds. However, as more and more people reach safe harbor, our database will become ever more useful and hopefully, ever more used. We know form other relief agencies and websites that similar efforts in the past tell us that it may be days or even weeks before the full benefit of programs like Home Share are realized.

In the meantime, please contact anyone you know and tell them about our program. Share our website. Register and let the military community know your heart is with them.


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