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Technology Program Aides Wounded Service Members

TRICARE News Release

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Military personnel face many challenges after being wounded or injured, but a program providing assistive technologies for wounded service members helps empower them for continued employment.

Since 2004, the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) has filled more than 15,200 requests by wounded service members for assistive technologies. CAP provides wounded veterans with the tools necessary to access computer and telecommunications environments.

Working closely with rehabilitation personnel at military treatment facilities, CAP makes sure service members get information about and exposure to assistive technologies early in their rehabilitation process. Knowing what types of tools exist can have a profound impact on the recovery process, with service members seeing themselves able to work or learn in an electronic environment despite their injuries.

CAP assesses a service member’s needs by considering the individual, the functional limitations they experience, and the job or task to be performed. For some service members their ‘job’ may be keeping medical and therapy appointments, working in a temporary duty assignment or preparing to continue on active duty. They can also be getting ready to separate from active duty where they’ll continue their education or work in the private sector or as a federal civilian employee.

A recent enhancement to CAP now allows service members to keep their assistive technologies when they leave active duty. Service members who get out and return to work for the federal government can receive the CAP tools they need in their new workplace.

For more information about the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program, including how to submit a needs request assessment, go to http://www.tricare.mil/cap/WSM. To sign up for the CAP newsletter, visit http://www.tricare.mil/cap/news/Subscribe.cfm.

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